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My website design service has received more and more attention since I charge much less being a free-lance web designer. With that in mind, I offer website design, website hosting assistance, website maintenance, e-commerce services help and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With my web designer services, you receive the one-on-one customer care that you're looking for.

Informational website designs are only $300 $200 - why would you pay more?
Take a look at some of the website design work that I've done ...

Please look through my portfolio (click here) at some of the many satisfied clients I've built websites for. I will work with you until we find the custom design (website) you need. I also specialize in custom Flash website designs - where as many companies don't.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When building a web site for clients, it's very important to know something about the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing), etc...). There are literally THOUSANDS of people that claim to know the secrets on how to get your website listed on the "first page of Google".
I get emails on a daily basis with these types of claims - mostly from individuals in other states.

Here is something to remember before you decide to pay someone that makes these claims:
There are NO proven techniques to get you listed on the first page! If there were, Google (and other search engines) would not be selling Pay-Per-Click advertisements (the ads you see at the very top or on the right side of the page). There definately ARE techniques that will help you get listed for free - further up and hopefully on the first page of the organic listings. But one trick that works one week, may not work the next week or month.

I've done SEO Marketing for almost 10 years now, so I know many of the techniques to get you listed organically. I will code your home page, as well as verify your website on all the major search engines.

TIP: One of the best ways to get your web site listed organically from the start is when you purchase your domain name. Do NOT purchase a generic domain name - look for one that has something to do with your line of work or business.

Example: Let's say you have a part-time lawn mowing business, and people know you as John Smith. You've been handing out business cards as "John Smith, LLC" for some time now - so you buy the domain name - Guess what? Google isn't going to associate your domain name with lawn mowing - and won't know how to categorize your domain.
When buying a domain name (as I stated above), look for something more specific - or - the more specific and closely related to what you do, the better your web site will be listed organically.

Okay, that's NOT ALL that you have to do to get listed organically ... but I'll do what I can to get your domain listed and crawled by all the major search engines.

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